Andrew Mitchell is an abstract generative artist based in Virginia. Andrew creates art to counterbalance the chaos of the modern world. He is the Co-Founder of Mitchell and Yun Studios.

FLUME are on-chain, infinite, generative 1/1s.

Generative art is commonly minted with either a video or image file when sold as a 1/1 on the ETH blockchain — it is rarely ever minted with the actual running code. Deploying a contract and hosting a version of the code can be very costly and complex, and often is a deterrent to artists wanting to correctly showcase their generative art. Thanks to manifold, efficient contracts can be easily deployed. In addition, lightweight extensions can be tacked on to those contracts, giving artists a place to store their code “on chain”. Artists then only need to create two things: a single page website that calls their contract and renders the source code (using Infura+ ethers.js for example), and a single JSON file (stored on ipfs for example) holding their token’s metadata.

FLUME is a collection created showcasing on-chain 1/1 art using this approach.
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